Deer and Fawn at the Mountain Lake

Deer and Fawn at the Mountain Lake
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  • Item #: Triptych Mountain Scene

Deer and Fawn at the Mountain Lake This scene features a doe and her fawn at the edge of a mountain lake, as well as other wildlife including an eagle, a bear, a rabbit, and loons. When you turn on the power—surprise!—the moon and stars appear and light the night sky. This elegant, three-paneled design is made from American Black Cherry and amber-colored mica. The wood is from an ecologically responsible source, and the lights are eco-friendly LED and are rated for 30,000 hours of continuous use. A clever push-button power switch is hidden in plain site on the front of the lamp. Since it is handcrafted, each lamp possesses it’s own unique character and ensures that your lamp is one-of-a-kind. Dimensions: 12" wide x 5" deep x 12" high Style: Arts and Crafts Styling with Asian Influences Electric Materials: Wood, Mica, Copper, Bronze, Light, LED

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Price $350.00